New year. Old resolutions. I've been taking more care of my skin lately and been trying out new products. I prefer to have less products that I know I'm going to use and that won't sit at the bottom of my vanity case for 2 years. I use these 4 products every day and I think they're definitely worth the investment.
Pure Grace by Philosophy Eau de toilette: smells like clean and fresh linens. Love it. Been my fragrance for about 2 years now.
Chanel lip balm: nourishing and non sticky, plus the packaging is definitely nicer than your usual Carmex.
Grown Alchemist Hand Cream: made with only organic ingredients, I love its non chemical rose scent + its top-notch moisturizing but non greasy texture.
Glossier Priming Moisturizer: it's also highly moisturizing but not greasy. As it doesn't have any SPF protection, to protect my skin from harmful UV rays, I use it under a light Avene moisturizer that has a low SPF protection.

Would love to know what you guys are using, always love having tips!