If you, like me, have a tendency to get chapped lips, this article is for you. Chapped lips happen because of various reasons: the cold, makeup, especially lipsticks, lack of hydration. To prevent chapped lips from happening and keep your lips healthy, I wanted to recommend a couple products I’m using and everyday tips to apply easily.



Get rid of your lips’ dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliant like this French Girl rose gentle exfoliant. I must admit, I got it only because of the brand’s name, but I’ve been hooked since trying it. It’s gentle enough to apply a couple times a week, and super easy to use, so it’s done in a couple seconds, and help your lips to keep from getting chapped.


I know I’m not giving away any groundbreaking secret, and that we all know that a good level of hydration, including in Winter, will help your lips to stay healthy-looking. However, I personally have to remind myself to drink enough water every day, especially if I’m busy running errands. Staying hydrated at work or at the gym feel easy for me, but I’ve started carrying around a S’well bottle that keeps my water fresh all day long and prevents me from using plastic bottles. Remember, if you’re thirsty, it means you’re already slightly dehydrated. I’ve definitely noticed significant improvement on my lips just by drinking more water.


I apply lip balm every couple hours and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement as well. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and I also just feel much fresher looking when my lips are moisturized with a simple lip balm. My favorites are:

- Neutrogena’s lip balm, simple and super affordable
- Lanolips’ Lemond Aid Treatment for the texture and lemon cake smell and taste. It also has the right amount of glitter to has this glossy look while staying super natural looking.


Marie-Laure DumonComment