10 French Conscious Bloggers To Start Following RN.

As I’m transitioning towards a more conscious lifestyle, I’ve been (re)discovering influencers who share their tips on the intrawebz and it’s been very helpful in my learning process. By following these guys, I’ve discovered some stores (brick-and-mortar and online) and fashion & beauty brands that are more inlined with my values.

1… Louise Descamps, Alias Louise


2… Victoria, Mango And Salt


3… Anne Montecer, Le Dressing Idéal


4… Fanny, The Greenimalist

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 9.57.07 AM.png

5… Asmae, Take It Green


6… Lea Camilleri, Youtube Channel here


7… Manon, Happy New Green


9… Margot & Julian, Bloomers