Hey there! You guys have already met Olivia in this post a while ago. I actually shot these photos last Summer but never got to publish them. So here you go, some outfit inspo cause I'm definitely ready for Summer! The statement earrings, the knitted tote and the weaved leather slippers are still definitely a go-to for this season. Same for her top's sunflower color. Olivia is a Canadian stylist based here in New York, I love her style so I asked her a couple questions:

What are your favorite restaurants/coffee places in NY? In Toronto?
Best coffee shop is Boxcar Social. Great vibes, really good coffee.
Terroni is my go-to restaurant. There are several locations in Toronto but the Rosedale one is by far the prettiest.

Your favorite boutiques in NY? Toronto?
The Narwhal is THE place to shop in Toronto (and right behind Terroni). The girls who own it have a great eye and really brought a level of cool to the fashion scene in the city. 
In New York I tend to shop online since everything arrives so quickly. I'll always stop in Reformation when I'm in the area. The clothes are just so easy and affordable when you need an emergency look.

What are you favorite pieces in your closet? What must-haves do you think every woman should own?
My favorite piece is my Rachel Comey white jumpsuit. It's about 5 years old, and purchased at the Narwhal. It's starting to get holes but I won't give it up. It's just so easy, and comfortable. 
Everywoman should own a jumpsuit.

Up and coming/emerging brands we should keep an eye on?
I'm obsessed with C.F. Goldman, Blaze Milano, Christopher Esber, anything coming out of Copenhagen, and Moussy denim.

Currently on your playlist?
Daniel Ceasar - Toronto kid who is going to be BIG.

Favorite song lyrics?
No favorite lyrics, but I definitely know all the words to all Mumford and Sons songs.

Spirit emoji(s)?