Photo:  Mike Cornelus

This interview is way overdue as I’ve known Arnaud for about 4 years now and had been thinking about asking him a couple questions in here for a while. We lived in the same small overpriced Williamsburg apartment for 6 months and have been able to remain friends since then. He’s one of the most talented human beings I know - and self-taught on top of that. I remember he would spend his weekends out in New York just to shoot photos and would sometimes come back after a day full of shooting, with maybe one photo that he genuinely liked. It’s his passion, motivation, dedication and hard work - with a huge dose of talent of course - that transformed him from a marketing executive to a full time photographer.

How did you fall into photography?

I was initially drawn to street art during my youth. I saved up for my first camera to document the street art scene and my friends’ graffiti in my hometown in France. I am self taught photographer. I did a master degree in Digital Marketing in France. I went freelance right after my diploma.

Favorite photography stores in NYC? In Paris?

B&H for the large choice and the good prices. There is also a little store in my neighborhood “Kubus” where I go to develop my films. In Paris, I will just named Internet :D

When you leave your house in the morning to shoot all day, what do you typically wear?

Usually when I do street photography I want to keep it simple, to avoid drawing attention on me. I just try to be invisible :)

Favorite French designers? Favorite American designers?

Jacquemus because I really like his universe. America, I like the style of the brand The Row.

Up and coming fellow photographers we should keep an eye on?

I like the eye of Ian Howorth and Dino Kuznik, they are both film photographers.

Favorite neighborhoods to shoot in New York? In Paris?

If I have to name one in Manhattan it would be Midtown, I like the shadows that the buildings are creating when the sun strikes the streets of NYC. 
In Brooklyn, I like the neighborhoods that didn’t change too much and where you can still find authentic stores like Coney Island, some parts of Bedstuy, etc.

In Paris it is the 18th arrondissement where I used to live. I used to love wandering in la Goutte d’or.

Currently on your playlist when you’re out shooting?

Usually I don’t listen to music while I’m shooting as I just want to focus on people and on what’s happening out there.

On your playlist when you’re editing?

Relaxing bands like Air.

Favorite coffee shops to get work done in your neighborhood, Greenpoint and Williamsburg?

Very close to my apartment: A/D/O. I also like to work from home, where I am not being disturbed by anybody.

Favorite apps and programs to edit your photos?

Lightroom for sure!

Spirit emoji(s)?

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