If like me, you're interested in consuming better and in making better informed choices regarding what you buy - but don't really know where to start, head straight to Iconable.

I've sat down with my friend Clara, founder and CEO of Iconable, a new online platform dedicated to sustainable fashion. It gives you the keys to build your own sustainable wardrobe that supports your values without comprising on your style. Good and cute? Yes, please! Read the full interview, below.


What are your go-to vintage stores in NYC?
When shopping for second hand clothes, I always try to invest in high quality pieces that are still in good condition. My favorites vintage/consignment stores are Designer Revival and Cancer Care thrift store both in the Upper East Side as well as Pilgrim NYC located downtown. 

Do you have 3 recommendations to share about starting your own company?
The first one is to be really passionate about your idea. You need to be obsessed with it and believe in it more than anybody else. The second is to have a strong support system. Surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs who have been through the process of creating a company is very important. The third is to be persistent and truly commit - success rarely comes overnight!

Your favorite sustainable fashion brands?
People Tree UK for affordable basics. Naadam for gorgeous cashmere, Banjanan for beautiful summer dresses and Sunad for perfect shirts.

...and you favorite sustainable beauty brands?
Pai Skincare, Dr Haushcka and Acure for skincare and RMS Beauty and Tarte for makeup.

3 eco habits advice for everyone to introduce in their daily life?
1.     Every time you want to buy a piece of clothing or an accessory, ask yourself “Will I wear this a minimum of 30 times?”
2.     Avoid plastic as much as possible starting by something as easy as saying no to plastic straws.
3.     Eat less meat! More than 51 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture.

Your go-to meeting outfit?
"A blazer, a silk shirt and a pair of beautiful loafers."

Your favorite coffee shops to get some work done in the city?
I usually work in coffee shops in between meetings so it really depends where I am but I really like Dr. Smood. They have several locations in Manhattan and delicious organic coffee!


For more inspiration - head to Iconable's Instagram right here.