Favorite restaurants/coffee places in NY? In Amsterdam?
Monks Coffee, for dinner I usually go to China Town area in Amsterdam, where they have couple of my favorite restaurants like New King, Dum Dum Palace and Little Saigon.

Favorite boutiques in NY? Amsterdam?
My favorite store in NYC is definitely Totokaelo store in Soho, the Apartment by The Line. In Amsterdam it would be Zeedijk 60, Maha Amsterdam.

What are you favorite pieces in your closet? What must-haves do you think every woman should own?
My recent most favorite piece will be a vintage bowling bomber shirt by YSL, and my Vintage Fendi bag that I found during my last trip to Japan. I loved it when I can find cool unique vintage pieces, knowing they had a story and now they are mine. It just feels very personal.

Up and coming/emerging brands we should keep an eye on?
I believe Fendi and Sketcher will make a huge come back, at least I’m rooting for it.

Currently on your playlist?
Yaeji - Raingurl (On repeat)

Favorite drink?
Hendriks Gin, straight with ice and cucumber.

Favorite song lyrics?
I only love my bed and my momma. I’m sorry ;)

Hello hello tout le monde! Je vous présente Wendy, une des collocs du loft d'en face! Elle a vraiment un style de fou, elle ose mettre tout ce qu'elle veut et elle est trop cool. En plus elle parle toutes les langues du monde, enfin, plusieurs dialectes chinois, le néerlandais, et l'anglais parfaitement, et elle est en voie de parler français à force d'habiter qu'avec des Frenchy! On s'est bien amusées à prendre des photos l'une de l'autre il y 2 jours dans Chinatown. Prendre des photos dans les rayons du Deli était son idée et je dois avouer que ça change complètement et que ça rend super bien! Elle avait un blog et travaille sur un nouveau blog donc pas encore de lien à partager à part son instagram qui est plutôt cool! :)

Hello hello everyone! Let me introduce you to Wendy, one of the flatmates from the front-door loft! She really has such a cool style, she dares wearing whatever she wants and she's so nice! And above all, she speaks like all the languages in the world, I mean, different Chinese dialects, Dutch and perfect English, and very soon probably French since she's living surrounded by French people! We really had fun shooting photos of each other in Chinatown. Taking some photos in the Deli store was her idea and I must say that it really looks good and it changes for a while! She used to have a blog and she's working on a new one so I don't have any link yet except her instagram which is pretty cool! :)