Looking for a good date spot? Or just lacking of inspiration to try a new restaurant out? Here's a little summary of all my favorite places to have a good sit down dinner in the city. Some are a little more scene-y than others, others more casual. I'm telling you right here what's the vibe of each spot and recommendations on what to order.

AITA - 132 GREENE AVENUE, BROOKLYN, NY, 11238 - great Italian spot - definitely get the pasta alle vongole! They also have a small bar right next to the restaurant, the Mayflower, great for a cocktail post-food.

FOUR HORSEMEN - 295 GRAND STREET, BROOKLYN, NY, 11211 - good for small bites. Sit a the bar and for sure get the warm house bread with cultured butter - super simple but so good!

LE TURTLE - 177 CHRYSTIE STREET, NEW YORK, NY, 10002 - definitely more scene-y than the other spots I'm recommending - but I love the interior design (including their bathroom's design) - get small plates to share with your friend(s). 

EVA JEAN'S - 30 KOSCIUZKO STREET, BROOKLYN, NY, 11205 - the burger is really thick and super good, just as much as their fries (to eat with some mayo). The fish tacos are really good too if you're looking for a lighter option.

ANCHOI - 85 ORCHARD STREET, NEW YORK, NY, 10002 - great Vietnamese cuisine spot - love the Chicken Confit Bo Bun - they removed it from the menu but you can still ask for it.

LA SUPERIOR - 295 BERRY STREET, BROOKLYN, NY, 11211 - one of the best Mexican restaurants in Williamsburg and not pricy. It can get spicy sometimes so be careful - but I guess that's what you're looking for at a Mexican spot. Cash only but they have an ATM outside.

CALACA - 139 PUTNAM AVENUE, BROOKLYN, NY, 11238 - everything is so good, one of the best Mexican restaurants in BedStuy! They just closed for renovations and will be reopening on February 1st. 

EPISTROPHY - 200 MOTT STREET, BROOKLYN, NY, 10012 - any pasta there is a good choice, all the charcuterie is great too!

TABARE - 221 SOUTH 1ST STREET, BROOKLYN, NY, 11211 - the meat there is so good, definitely get the steak! And their margaritas (with salt, of course).

HAVE & MEYER - 103 HAVEMEYER STREET, BROOKLYN, NY, 11211 - definitely get the speck and San Daniele prosciutto board, and try one of their orange wines!

SISTERS - 900 FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN, NY, 11238 - their burger is good, try the shishito peppers and the burrata (and ask for extra bread).

SUNDAY IN BROOKLYN - 348 WYTHE AVENUE, BROOKLYN, NY, 11211 - I already mentioned this spot in my favorite brunch places article right here, but it's also great for dinner - though a little pricier for dinner than for brunch, like . Definitely a good date spot.