So excited to go back to Paris in a month for the holidays! I'm already looking forward to shopping and coffee breaks (and wine and cheese) at my favorite spots. Talking about shopping, realized this post is wayyyy overdue: the best department stores in Paris - a must-do when you visit the City of Lights.
Most people know Le Printemps and les Galeries Lafayette department stores, but much less people know about le BHV and le Bon Marché. When Le Printemps and les Galeries Lafayette on the Grands Boulevards are Paris' largest department stores, I prefer by far le Bon Marché and le BHV. Here's why.
Le Bon Marché: for its architecture and its central escalators (featured photo) that are so instagrammable. It's the oldest grand magasin in Paris, it's smaller than the others but honestly a total must-do. There are also far less tourists and la Parisienne actually shops there IRL. The food court is also one of the best in town - a must-do as well (even though it's pricy).
Le BHV: love the home department for fabrics, as well as for little gifts ideas. They also have a rooftop, one of the Le Perchoir locations.
Le Printemps: worth going to have a hot coco and pastries at their Brasserie. Beautiful location under their colored glass cupola. And they also have a rooftop view a great view over Pareeee!

Be ready for more spots and tips about New York and Paris.

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