For our second time in Mexico, we went to San Miguel de Allende for a wedding. I absolutely loved this trip and definitely planning on going back, just saying how much I loved it. I’d compiled a list of the hotels, restaurants, bars and shops, tried and tested. I recommend them all.


Deuxième voyage au Mexique. After Tulum, nous sommes allés à San Miguel de Allende pour un mariage. J’ai absolument adoré cette destination et compte y retourner, pour dire à quel point j’ai aimé. J’ai fait la liste des hotels, restaurants et bars que l’on a testé, tous conseillés!


ROSEWOOD HOTEL: if you’re the fancy type, this is by far the most famous hotel in the city. We didn’t stay in the hotel but we went twice, once for lunch and drinks, and in the evening for drinks again. The rooftop bar has an amazing panoramic view on the city and the food is just as amazing as the drinks.

HOTEL MATILDA: we stayed there for 2 nights before staying with friends in an hacienda we Airbnb’ed. It was the most relaxing hotel, so perfectly and tastefully decorated. Love the pool and lounge chairs in the patio, surrounded my bougainvillea.

AIRBNB AN HACIENDA: especially if you are traveling with a group, Airbnb’ing an hacienda is a great option. We got really lucky and were able to rent a huge hacienda, pretty much the size of a palace. Viva la vida loca.



QUINCE: this rooftop bar has an amazing view on the church in the main square. Great to go at night when the buildings are all lit up.

EL MESON HOTEL: we went twice and absolutely loved the cocktails. Loved the chill vibe by the bar, as well as the patio with the pool.


LA PARADA: this is a Peruvian cuisine restaurant. A little bit more off the touristic beaten tracks, it was one of our favorite spots for lunch.

MOXI AT HOTEL MATILDA: under the direction of Enrique Olvera, whose Pujol is one of the top contemporary restaurants in Mexico City, this is a great option for a fancy dinner. Quiet and peaceful, it’s a great location for a delicious and restful dinner to recover from the previous’ day night out.

APERI: we had our last dinner at this restaurant. Aperi is another nice option for a fancy dinner. Their Franco-Mexican chef Olivier Deboise, plays on a mix between French cuisine and old world ingredients.


OAXACA RUGS: small hole in the wall located next to the Mercado de Artesanias, this shop has a huge selection of handmade 100% wool oaxaca rugs.

MIXTA: this one was my absolute favorite store in San Miguel. From the store’s building opening to a beautiful patio filled with cacti and flowers, to the selection of accessories and decoration. I had to refrain myself from buying rugs and pillows that wouldn’t fit in my luggage.

MERCADO DE ARTESANIAS: as a straw bags and baskets fan, this market was a real Ali Baba’s cave for me.

Patio of Mixta store

Patio of Mixta store

Patio of Mixta store

Patio of Mixta store

View on San Miguel from the hacienda we Airbnb’ed

View on San Miguel from the hacienda we Airbnb’ed

Other view of Mixta store

Other view of Mixta store