10 Conscious Jewelry Brands To Think About For Your Next Buy.

Consuming better, taking informed decisions for what I’m buying has been in the back of my head for a while. When I was still at Parsons 3 years ago, I stopped buying anything fast fashion for 6 months. By laziness probably and lack of choice (because I didn’t do my research) I went back to consuming fast fashion. With the conversation about sustainable fashion and beauty ramping up, I’ve recently spent more time thinking about my consumption habits and what needs to change. If that is also of any interest to you guys, I’m going to be sharing more articles to explain easily how we can all change our shopping habits and feature brands to keep in mind next time you’re shopping.

Here is a list of 10 jewelry brands for every budget, that show you don’t have to compromise style when buying conscious. Of course, the most sustainable option is always the pieces you already own, but a girl likes her shopping and treating herself.

1… Laura Lombardi

Every piece is made by hand in New York City from new, recycled, and found materials. I have earrings, necklaces and bracelets on my wishlist from this brand. So good.


2… Melissa Joy Manning

Beyond using sustainable materials – including recycled silver and 14-carat gold, and responsibly-sourced stones – her California and New York studios are totally green: using recycled paper, soy ink and energy-efficient heating and cooling processes. The brand also has a zero-waste policy and carbon offset each shipment.

3… Vrai & Oro

The brand uses recycled solid gold and responsibly sourced diamonds. Unlike plated, filled or vermeil– solid gold is built to last, and won’t rub off or change color over time. Currently, over 90% of the brand’s gold is recycled but their goal is to reach 100%. The remaining 10% is responsibly sourced through the RJC. In 2016, Vrai & Oro partnered with Diamond Foundry, a scientific ‘greenhouse’ for ethically grown diamonds, and now each diamond they offer is sustainably grown above ground through solar energy with 100% traceability.

4… Wald Berlin

Each piece is handmade by the brand’s “fair trade mums collective”, a group of unemployed mothers and grandmothers, many of whom live in small villages in Germany where jobs are scarce.

I’m not sure about their materials sourcing, but an independent brand that empowers women, yes please!


5… Daphine

Daphine works directly with local artisans, which allows the brand to offer honest pricing., along with ethical sourcing and sustainable production.

Every design is good and love their art direction.


6… Aurate New York

All of the brand’s materials are responsible, sustainable and ethically sourced. Plus with every purchase, you give a book to a child in need. I own two rings from Aurate and wear them every.single.day.

7… Raven + Lily

The brand empowers the 1,500+ women employed by their work to break the cycle of poverty through equitable trade and open communication. By using recycled or repurposed materials, the brand reduces the waste that typically accompanies the industry.

8… Nisolo

Jewelry made in Kenya from upcycled brass, the average salary of Nisolo producers is 27% higher than fair trade wage requirements. The average annual income increase for all producers is 140%. Women in particular have felt significant impact, reporting an annual income increase of 173% since joining Nisolo compared to previous employment.

9… Soko

The brand uses upcycled brass, which is a durable material. Today almost 90% of all brass in the world is recycled. In addition to that, Soko’s Kenyan artisans earn 5x's more than an average workshop.


10… Alighieri

Everything is made by hand, in London, to promote the idea of ‘forever’ jewelry, that you keep building on, as opposed to throw-away high street jewelry. The pieces are made through the process of lost-wax casting, in recycled bronze, ethically sourced in Italy.


Don’t hesitate to share in the comments if there are some conscious jewelry brands you like!